The name of your holiday is Villaggio Riccio
Italy - Puglia - Gargano - Mattinata
Italy - Puglia - Gargano - Mattinata


During your stay, you are invited to participate in our organized excursions to these destinations:

We use a luxury Mercedes-Benz minivan with a capacity of 20 seats, air-conditioning, a DVD player, on-board refreshments, and a guide.


Sanť Giovani Rottondo

is nowadays a place of pilgrimage. Its fame goes back to Padre Pio who was canonized on 16 June, 2002. Come and visit his room, discover the Santa Maria delle Grazie pilgimage church, or say a humble prayer on the grave of Padre Pio.

The site also has a monumental church, the calvary, and a hospital.

It is 60 km away from the Villaggio Riccio.


Monte Sanť Angelo

Another place of pilgrimage at the Gargano. The town lies on the top of a barren hill. This is a typical
ancient South-Italy township with a recently renovated castle which offers a spectacular view of the whole
Manfredonia bay; the basilica with an altar in a cave is a must-see for all our clients.
It is 20 km away from the Villaggio Riccio.


Foresta Umbra

occupies an area of 11 hectares. This national park provides shelter for more than 65 orchid varieties, lots of vegetation ranging from pines to maples, with many animal species, especially fallow deer.

The area offers tourist trails where you can enjoy a climate that is so different - notably mild and pleasant even on the hottest summer days.

It is 50 km away from the Villaggio Riccio.



is a part of the Gargano National Park. The town is famous for its position on the top of a protruding rock by the sea. Why not marvel at the local fishing technique, the trabucca, and then enjoy fresh fish and local dishes in one of the restaurants?

It is 80 km away from the Villaggio Riccio.



is the easternmost town at the Gargano. It is also Gargano’s most famous and popular tourist center with long, sandy beaches and a captivating ancient downtown that is full of narrow streets with plenty of bars, small shops, and nightlife.

It is 40 km away from the Villaggio Riccio.



The Tremiti Islands are one hour away on the ferry from Vieste. The archipelago consists of five islands only two of which are inhabited. The sea here is crystal clear with lush fauna and flora making it an perfect spot for snorkelling and scuba diving. Motorboat cruise around the islands is available.


Sea Caves

Number One Favorite Excursion Nearly all of our clients take the option of going on a two-hour motorboat cruise around rocky coastline with a number of stretches, coves, cliffs, and beautiful caves. The cruise is made even more pleasant by a tasting event of local cheese and wine products right on the board.

Departure from Lido Riccio.



A whole-day visit of the historical center of Rome shows you Vatican, the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, the Spanish Steps, and the Trevi Fountain.

It is 450 km away from the Villaggio Riccio.


The Vesuvius and Pompeii

A full-day trip to the Naples area, with a climb of the Vesuvius, a 1280-meter volcano that has been active until now, with a subsequent tour of the archeological center of Pompeii.

It is 250 km away from the Villaggio Riccio.



Probably the best way of reaching the Capri is to take the ferry from Sorento, a picturesque harbor town with a fantastic atmosphere. Having walked around the center of the island with all those sights, only very few would miss the experience of going to a round trip by boat around the island, peaking by visit to the local gem -

the Blue Grotto.

It is 290 km away from the Villaggio Riccio.


Alberobello and Grotte Castelana

A one-day excursion to the TRULI, which is a local type of building. Most of them are found in the UNESCO-protected township of Alberobello. After seeing the town, the next stop is the speleothem cave of Grotte Castelana with its 60-meter entrance dome, stalagmites and stalactites.

It is 220 km away from the Villaggio Riccio.


Safari - Fasano

This is a beautiful, relaxing trip where a car takes you among lions, tigers, elephants, and many more exotic animals in Italy’s largest safari park. After this adventure ride you can take a small train among monkeys, you will see a tropical hall full of snakes, reptiles, and crocodiles. In-between the tours, your children may try and ride the roller-coaster, a raft, and dozens of other attractions. At the end of the trip, be sure you don’t miss a dolphin show at the local dolphinarium. It is 220 km away from the Villaggio Riccio.